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3 Patti Blue Apk Review:

Teen Patti Blue is one of the renowned online platforms that provide opportunities for Pakistani users to make real money. There are various games in this app that users can enjoy. Let’s take a look at the top games of 3 Patti Blue. These games are popular for their dynamic gameplay and higher amount of profits. All the mentioned games are available in this app from where you can easily access them.

Top Games of 3 Patti Blue Apk

Through this post, we will share the gameplay and tips to enhance the performance. If you are a newbie then you can learn the basics of these top games. Furthermore, the more you practice the games the better you will perform. Start the games with less investment to learn the basics of the game. Apart from that, set your budget for each game and play accordingly to increase the chances of winning.

Top Games of 3 Patti Blue APK

There are a total of 22 games of different categories. You can enjoy classical card games and roulette to rummy and fish games in this single app. From these games, some are more popular due to their huge demand. We have listed the top games of 3 Patti Blue below. Read the brief descriptions of these games and learn the easy methods to win the matches.

Dragon vs Tiger

One of the top-notch games of this application is the Dragon Tiger. This popular game is a card game where players have to select a card. The gameplay is straightforward as you have to select one card. Invest money on that card and when the countdown completes the match will start. The system will provide random cards to both and the team with the highest value of the card will win.

Teen Patti

This is a local card game popular in Pakistan, India, and nearby countries. There are 3 cards in the deck and each player has to play with these cards. You have to get the highest set of cards where the Ace is highest followed by king, queen, and so on. Apart from that, there are various combinations which can also lead to victory. However, if you are new then you should not invest more money in this game without any knowledge.


It is an interesting game to play where you have to select the number of bombs. The aim is to open as many boxes as possible without hitting the bombs. If you will click on the wrong box then you will lose all the money you have placed. So be careful about the boxes you open and enjoy.

Fish Game

This is one of the top games of 3 Patti Blue of all time. Here you have to set cannons and target the fishes that come across your way. Remember that the bigger the target you will get the more profit you will generate. If your budget is high then it is the perfect game for you to play. Target mermaids and bigger fish to earn more money.


It is a game of fortune. Those users who consider themselves lucky must play this game. You have to select either color or numbers from the board. Then add money to the selected color or number. A ball will roll on the wheel where all the numbers and colors are present. The ball will stop at a random number or color and if your selected option matches with it then you will win the match.

Andar Bahar

It is also a kind of card game where you have to guess the next number of the sequence. If you think the next number will be higher than the card in the deck then select bahar and vice versa. If you guess the correct option then you will earn a huge amount of money. This match will go on unless the next card is higher or equal to the deck card.


Though there are multiple games, the top games of 3 Patti Blue are mentioned above. If you are interested in these games then do try them to get more profit. However, if you want to play other games then feel free to do so. There are no restrictions on playing the games nor limits on money. Understand the gameplay of each game and analyze the graphs to win maximum matches.

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