How to Login 3 Patti Blue Account? Teen Patti Login Online

The 3 Patti Blue is a popular online gaming application for Pakistani users. This application provides remote access to different online games. However, users have to login 3 Patti Blue APK by either creating a new account or using a previous one. Most users get stuck at the login process so let’s look at the correct way to easily create an account on this application.

Login 3 Patti Blue Account

How to Login 3 Patti Blue Online?

It is a crucial step that protects the user’s information and enables them to keep their funds safe. Unlike other online apps, the login process is simple and easy to follow. You have to verify your identity and provide valid information to successfully create an account. For beginners we have listed the step-by-step procedure which is below:

  • Firstly, connect the device to an internet connection and open the app.
  • You will get two options; Logon and Play as Guest.
  • You must click the Play as a Guest button to create your account.
  • Now go to the profile section at the top right corner.
  • Edit your username and provide valid details.

Through these steps, you will get access to your Teen Patti Blue account. Always remember that you can log in to your accounts on a single device. This application connects to a single IP at a time to protect unwanted logins. In addition, this will also protect your account as others won’t be able to access your accounts on their devices. Nevertheless, you can change devices if you want to which is quite simple.

How to Log in to My Account on a New Device?

Let’s say you have purchased a new phone or your current device is not available anymore. Most users get panicked thinking they might lose their account access. However, it is possible to login to your account on a new device. For that, you have to first uninstall the previously downloaded app. Then reinstall the updated version to login 3 Patti Blue APK on a new device. Follow these steps afterward:

  • Open the app and click on the Logon option.
  • Now you have to provide the email and password you have selected on the previous account.
  • In the email/username section write your account’s email.
  • In the password section type your password.
  • After that simply click on the logon button.
  • Verify your identity by providing the OTP to access your account on the new device.

Personal Review

The login process is straightforward which allows the users to safely access their account. This process protects the user’s information and protects it from all sorts of harm. During the login process if users encounter any issue they can report it to the support team. Live support is available on the official page or contact them on WhatsApp.


To sum up, if you want to participate in online games of this app then you have to login 3 Patti Blue APK on Android devices. Create a new account or recover your old accounts to join the games. Earn real cash and claim the free rewards provided by the app. Do not share your login credentials with anyone and protect your accounts. Contact the support to solve any queries and enjoy your gameplay.


 Do we have to pay charges to log in?

No, the login process is free of cost and there are no charges to create an account on this application.

Can we access the same login 3 Patti Blue accounts on new devices?

Yes, it is possible to access the accounts on a new device. But you have to remove the account on previously used devices before logging in to a new device.

Do we have to verify our emails during the login process?

Yes, you have to verify your email and phone number through the OTP code sent on your provided details.

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