3 Patti Blue Mod APK Pakistan Download New Version Hack

Nowadays teen patti apps are trending in Pakistan. Similarly, 3 Patti Blue Mod Apk is also in demand. This app has many users who play different games while placing bets and earning a lot of money. This app’s most accessible and simple games are Mines and Dragon vs Tiger. Whereas there are other interesting games like roulette, car roulette, 3 Card game, and much more.


In the case of Mines, there are a total of 25 boxes. The minimum amount of bombs you can place is 2 and the maximum is 24. The more you place bombs the greater the chances of getting them. However, there is also a greater chance of getting more rewards for each box opening. But the best recommended bombs are 4 and you can open up to 7 to 8 boxes.

AppTeen Patti Blue
Size35.9 MB

Furthermore, the more paying game is Zoo roulette in this app. If you place a bet on shark, you will soon become rich. This is because the shark has 24x which means the amount which you bet will be multiplied by 24 and you will get the total. So, the best playing and earning game in 3 Patti Blue Mod Apk is Zoo roulette.

3 Patti Blue Tricks:

There are various 3 Patti Blue winning tricks that you can apply and earn unlimited chips. In the case of the Mines game, place a minimum bet and let yourself lose for 3 rounds. Then in the 4th round incase your bet and try to place a good amount. There are more chances that the game algorithm will let you win in the 4th round. In case you lose again in the 4th round, try placing more in the 5th round. In the 5th round, you will definitely win and you will cover all your loss.

In the case of Zoo roulette, on the right edge of your screen, there is the trend line. Check on that trend when the shark last time appeared. If in the whole trend there is no shark it means that is the time to place your bet on shark. Place your bets until the shark appears. Similarly, you can try your own tricks 3 Patti Blue Mod Apk and use the trick which works best for you.

3 Patti Blue Mod Apk Online Play:

This app is completely online and it does not work offline. The different games available in 3Patti Blue are such games where live users from all over Pakistan participate. When you will start playing any game, you will find how many users are online on that particular game. So, it is a live casino where you place bets on the games and if you win you will get more than the money on which you placed a bet.

3 Patti Blue Hack:

As far as the 3 Patti Blue Hack Apk file is concerned, there is no such thing. It is a white lie and nobody has ever created any hack of this app. There are various tricks and tips for winning but there is no hack available. If you are scrolling for such things then you are actually wasting your time. Instead of hacks, you can apply the tricks in the games. Each game has its unique algorithm, so each game has its own tricks. If you play games more frequently, you will become an expert in it.


Finally, in the end, if you have not tried 3 Patti Blue Mod Apk then must try it once. You will see how easy is to make money online using such simple apps. Now there is no need to work hard. Only work smart and you will see how things work. You can read the above tricks section which will help you to understand the winning tricks. If you will become an expert, you can create your own tricks. The above-mentioned tricks are created on the basis of experience.

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