How to Create 3 Patti Blue Account | 3 Patti Blue Sign Up

3 Patti Blue Pakistan is a famous app where you can make money easily. To know how to get 3 Patti Blue Account you have to read this blog post. This app is designed specifically for Pakistan and those who are not from Pakistan will not be able to play it. However, those who are originally from Pakistan but currently living outside the country can use it. They can ask their friends, family, and partners to deposit money from Pakistan. They will use their Easypaisa and Jazzcash accounts for the deposit process. Similarly, at the time of withdrawal, they can again ask their friends to repeat the process again.

Teen Patti Blue app is very simple and it has an amazing user-friendly interface. Those who are new to this app can get help from our other blog post related to 3 Patti Cash Withdrawal Pakistan. This will help them to build a strong understanding of 3Patti Blue. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can create 3 Patti Blue Account and sign up for the app.

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3 Patti Blue Account:

To create a 3Patti Blue account you have to make sure certain things. Like you need a fresh email account on which you have not created any Teen Patti account. Also, those who don’t want to create an account through email can access the app as a guest. In this case, they don’t need any email and once they installed the app they will be given the choice to access either sign-in or guest. We will discuss the 3 Patti Blue Sign Up process in the below heading.


In this section, we will tell you about how anyone can access the app as a guest. The process is very simple and there is no rocket science in it. Once you installed the app, you will be given a choice of accessing the app as a guest. Click on the guest option and in a few seconds the dashboard will be opened. This was the process of creating an account in the 3 Patti Blue app without providing any email.

3 Patti Blue Sign Up:

The Sign Up process needs an email address. This is because it requires an email to get you registered on it. After installation, click on the signup option and a form will appear. Fill in the required details carefully and the best practice is to provide all your correct information.

Once you put all the required details on the form, click sign-up button. It will take some time to process the data and your account will be then created. At the right top, you can click and see your username and other account settings.

3 patti blue login:

If you have access to the 3Patti account as a guest then there is no need for any logins. The next time when you want to login, you can simply click on the guest option again and the account will then be again accessed. Note that your credentials like username will remain the same no matter how many times you access the account as a guest.

However, when you sign up and created 3 Patti blue account with an email. At that time it will ask you 3 Patti blue login. Then you have to remember its username and password. If you forget the logins then no need to worry about it. You can reset your password from the “forget” option.


Lastly, we have written a detailed article on Creating 3 Patti Blue Account and Sign up. If you still face any issues you can ask us in the comment section. We will do our best to sort out your problem. Finally, we encourage you to play safe and don’t rush to get all. Play slow and steady which will definitely lead you to a win. Feel free to ask if you have anything in your mind.

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